Online Tracking For Yesim

Yesim Textile participated in the project that was started by Bursa Bursa Metropolitan Municipality; ' online monitoring of wastewater ' application. The 9th after the eight monitoring stations that was established in other companies was launched at Yesim Textile by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Recep Altepe recently came to the Yesim Textile regarding the subject to investigate the station with Yesim Textile CEO Senol Şankaya.

Altepe informed that online monitoring stations are being established individually for each factory in Bursa and the 9th station in this direction was established in Yesim Textile and Altepe further added: " Yesim Textile, is a company that servies the world's leading brands in production and is one of the most established companies in Bursa . In the factory there is already existing treatment plant . We established the station here to observe if the system was operating and to show the plant as an example for other companies.”

Yesim Textile online tracking system that is established measures water parameters and instantly transmits the readings to the Ministry of Environment and BUSKİ; therefore it is prevented for companies to pollute the rivers. Altepe noted, "Parameters for dissolved oxygen in the water, the water conductivity, pH value of the water, the water temperature and water flow are instantaneously communicated to the Ministry of Environment and BUSKI . In this way, the we manage the remote control of all industry and avoid pollution of the environment . We thank Yesim Textile CEO Senol Şankaya for his sensitivity in this matter.”

Yesim Textile CEO Senol Şankaya mentioned that they have been doing production for many famous brand in the world and in these productions, they realize that their main responsibility should be environmental sensitivity. As part of their responsibilities, he stated that they had established a treatment plant 12 years ago in the factory and added: "the remote monitoring station built in our factory by Metropolitan Municipality will put an end to speculations on our factory and will be an example for other companies.”