Yeşim Textile has become a member of BCI to promote better cotton

By becoming a member of the ‘Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)’, Yeşim Textile has once again demonstrated its sensitivity and responsibility for the environment.

Yeşim Textile, the leading eco-friendly company of the textile industry in Turkey, has once again displayed an exemplary behavior by becoming a member of BCI in September.

Last year Yeşim Textile and its supplier Kipaş signed a strategic partnership agreement to purchase yarn produced ,in sustainable conditions, from BCI and eco-friendly cotton. This year, Yeşim maintained this eco-friendly approach by becoming a member of the environmentally friendly initiative itself.

Yeşim promises with this membership to use yarn produced from BCI cotton and to direct its customers in this regard.

Şenol Şankaya, the CEO of Yeşim Textile, expressed the importance of environment, eco-friendliness and sustainability studies; and stated that protecting the environment, producing in an eco-friendly way and the sustainability of all the work done are among their top priorities as well as those of their globally known customers.

Better Cotton

Better Cotton is primarily a definition or description of how to produce cotton in a more sustainable manner. It is based on 6 basic principles:

Better Cotton Production Priniciples:

Better Cotton is produced by farmers who;

1. Minimise the harmful impact of crop protection practices

2. Use water efficiently and care for the availability of water

3. Care for the health of the soil

4. Conserve natural habitats

5. Care for and preserve the quality of the fibre

6. Cromote decent work