Yeşim, again the pride of ready wear

Yeşim Textile, the pioneer of the ready wear industry, continues to achieve success this year as it did for long years.

Yeşim SatışMağazaları was the first under the exports category in the “250 Largest Companies” list prepared by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry; it was the 5th in the general category and became the pride for exports in the sector. Yeşim Outlet Stores and Textile Factory A.Ş. has reached the second position in its own sector and 11th position in general with a turnover of TRY 590.6 million and Yeşim Textile was placed the 4th in its own sector and 20th in general with a turnover of TRY 377 million.

According to the 2011 data of İstanbul Chamber of Industry it was 237th in the “Largest 500 Companies List” and the 9th in the textile and ready wear group.

Yeşim Outlet Stores was the 236th in the 500 Largest Companies list of Capital Magazine and Yeşim Textile A.Ş was the 342nd in the same list.In the textile and read wear sector Yeşim SatışMağazaları was the 9th.

Yeşim Textile, which was the 52nd in general in the largest 500 exporters list of Turkey was the 5th in the ready wear and garment sectors.