Yeşim Receives Two Awards From Uludağ Exporters Union

Yeşim Textile, was selected as the best performer in the apparel and textiles sector in the “Stars of Exports” ceremony, organized by the Uludağ Exporters Union, and was awarded for both.

In the award ceremony of “Stars of Exporters” that took place at Uludağ Exporters Union (UİB) 103 companies were awarded with gold, silver and bronze categories for their exports volume and added value created in 2011. Yeşim Textile secured the top position both in apparel and textile sectors. Both awards were given to Mustafa Demiralay, Yeşim Textile Production Director by Adnan Çakıroğlu, Deputy Governor of Bursa.

Yeşim was fallowed by Öz Textile and Teknik Malzeme in the apparel category and by Fistaş and Zorlu Dış Ticaret in the textile category.