Yeşim Textile expands into Japan

Yeşim Textile’s presence with apparel products on display marked the Turkish Fair, an event held in Japan as a part of the Turkish Week.

Expanding into the Japanese market by starting to manufacture products for the AEON brand, YeşimTextile participated in the Turkish Week event and bilateral negotiations in Japan. Organized by AEON, Japan’s largest retailer running a total of 391 stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets, the event had Yeşim Textile as one of the companies on the special guest list.

CEO ŞenolŞankaya and executive DuyguSivrioğlu, who manages relations with AEON at Yeşim represented the company during the Turkish Week in Japan. The event was held from April 04 to 08, 2012 under the coordination of the Ministry of Economics and organizational support of the Turkish Exporters’ Council (TİM) and Aegean Exporters’ Union (EİB). 23 businessmen from the Turkish Exporters’ Council led by Assistant Undersecretary CemalettinDamlacı, members of the board of directors of Exporters’ Unions and officials of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce as well as 10 Turkish companies operating in food and textile industries participated in the event alongside Yeşim Textile.

The event was organized by AEON in order to introduce the Turkish market and its high level of quality to the general public in Japan. Enjoying a lot of interest among Japanese people, the event served as a platform to display Turkey’s economic strengths alongside its historical and touristic attractions.

Japan is a market that requires a serious approach

Noting the importance of the Japanese market for Turkey especially after the recent crisis in Europe, Yeşim CEO ŞenolŞankaya, who also serves as the Coordinating Head of the Uludağ Exporters’ Union, continued his speech with the following words:


“We first approached the Japanese market in December last year by exporting products to AEON. The company has a particular demand for environment-friendly and organic products, viewing Turkey as an alternative market for top-quality environment-friendly products with high added value. They have organized this Turkish Fair event in order to introduce the Made in Türkiye brand to the general public in Japan. The stands, billboards and banners as well as events organized to introduce the Turkish culture have served as an amazing opportunity to promote Turkey in the best way possible. Yeşim Textile, the company that we represent, is AEON’s largest supplier of apparel in Turkey. Our goal is to increase exports to AEON, also using the beneficial atmosphere created by the Turkish Week. Based on my impressions during the fair, I can say that the general public in Japan is fairly well interested in Turkish products.”

Participating in the trip organized in order to increase the market share in Japan and create new export opportunities in the region, the delegation held bilateral talks with Japanese companies alongside the Turkish Week event participation, gaining an opportunity to solidify existing contacts and build new relations.