Innovative T-shirts brought Awards to Yeşim

Yeşim Textile received Gold and Silver Image awards in “SGIA Specialty Printing and Imaging Fair” organized in the USA with its innovative T-shirts.

Yeşim Textile which produces for famous global brands, has received approval for its success with Gold and Silver Image awards in an international platform for innovative T-shirts printed with state of the art printing technology it developed.

Yeşim Textile was awarded with both Gold and Silver Image awards this year in the “SGIA Specialty Printing and Imaging Fair”, which is a fair organized in the USA yearly and followed by leading companies in the sector. Yeşim entered to the contest in the Special Effects – Textile category with three 3D T-shirts. The products entered to the contest were entitled butterfly, clock and face. Yeşim received Gold Image award for the butterfly print and Silver Image for the clock print under Special Effects – Textile category. The contest had 50 categories and there were 32 other contestants in the category where Yeşim competed.

Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim expressed that they are proud to see that Yeşim’s printed products are receiving worldwide acknowledgement and that the sector follows Yeşim’s innovative work.

Şankaya added that Yeşim closely fallows technologic innovations in the sector and continuously develops itself to meet the demands of customers and the company is headed towards especially to high value added fashion products to stay competitive. Şankaya expressed that in recent years various printing techniques became a trend in fashion and Yeşim applies these techniques and presents customers special choices accordingly.

Şankaya said that companies need to be open to innovations to stay competitive and need to position themselves in line with new conditions and Yeşim Textile closely fallows new trends and gives utmost importance to continuous innovation and development.