Yeşim Textile and Kipaş cooperation for Better Cotton

Yeşim Textile has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kipaş related with products with BCI certificates. With this agreement Yeşim Textile will start buying products that have Better Cotton (BCI) certificates from Kipaş and support nature friendly production and sustainability.

In order to purchase yarn made from cotton that has BCI certificates Yeşim Textile has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kipaş, which is Yeşim Textile’s supplier for long years. In the scope of the strategic agreement Yeşim Textile, when meeting orders of customers, commits to use and direct its customers towards using fabric produced from yarn, which is made from a higher amount of cotton holding BCI certificate.

Kipaş will receive BCI certificates for its products with the establishment of the operational unit of BCI in Turkey and continues its activities under the leadership of National Cotton Council.

Kipaş started to produces cotton in pilot areas in the city of Kahramanmaraş for implementing the “Better Cotton” practice which recently started to give products in the world and recently brought to the agenda in Turkey. Cotton, which will be produced according to the Better Cotton standards in six months, will always have purchasers. This will make it an alternative to the current cotton production. In recent years cotton producers experienced difficulties due to premiums and buyers had to import cotton; in this environment Better Cotton stands out as an alternative method, which cotton producers will benefit.

Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim Textile indicated that strong and large companies cooperating in the global world has advantages and strategic cooperation will have many benefits for cooperating sides. Şankaya also informed that Yeşim Textile has been working with Kipaş for long years and they wish to strenghten the cooperation with environmentally friendly production and sustainability added that Yeşim Textile gives high importance to environment and sustainability. “Not harming the environment, making an environmentally friendly production and ensuring that these activities are sustainable are the priorities of our company and our customers. With this strategic agreement we are committing to use yarn produced from cotton with BCI certificate and direct our customers to use the same” said Şankaya.

M. Hanefi Öksüz, Chairman of the Board of Managers of Kipaş Holding indicated that they have been monitoring the activities of Yeşim on environment and sustainability and they are happy to enter into a strategic partnership on Better Cotton (BCI) certificated products with a leading company and added “Recently we started to receive demand for Better Cotton (BCI) certificated products from many customers but primarily from Yeşim Textile. We have started this to meet this demand and to make environmentally friendly production without depending on India, Brazil and Pakistan. At the first stage we started cotton production according to BCI criteria in the pilot regions that were selected in Kahramanmaraş.

In parallel to the establishment of an operational unit of BCI in Turkey cotton will receive BCI certificates. Our activities to start BCI its operations in Turkey continue under the leadership of the National Cotton Council (NCC). The system that we are a part of is bringing improvements such as better working conditions, eradication of child labor. There are also conditions such as lowering chemical and water usage every year. This also decreases costs. In this system the farmers are expected to join yearly evaluation meetings and every country to produce its own methods in accordance with special conditions of every country.”