T-shirts of Bursa are produced by Yeşim

Yeşim Textile, which is a company favored by worldwide known brands, transferred its high quality to the t-shirts produced for a campaign promoting the city of Bursa.

T-shirts that were ordered by Bursa Culture Foundation for promoting the city of Bursa have specially designed figures of Bursa and are produced by Yeşim Textile.

The t-shirts are sold to local and foreign tourists at popular tourist places such as Yeşil, Ulucami and Kültürpark and aim assist promotion and brandization of Bursa. The income generated from the t-shirts will be used by the Bursa Culture Foundation for carrying out various projects.

Yeşim Textile, has been selected by Bursa Culture Foundation as the producer in this Project with aims to support the promotion of Bursa and produced 6 female, 6 male and 2 kids designs, which makes a total to 20 designs. New designs are planned in line with the demand towards the t-shirts.