Yeşim reaches 55th rank among exporters

Yeşim reaches 55th rank among exporters

Turkish Exporters Council announced top 1000 exporters. In the “The top 1000 largest exporters in Turkey” list Yeşim Textile became the 55th in general and 1st in ready-made clothing sector.

Exports award from UIB

Yeşim Textile, was at the top in the “Textile and Ready-Wear Sector Success Awards” ceremony, which was organized by Uludağ Textile Exporters Union and Ready-Wear Exporters Association, Yeşim Textile came the first in both categories and Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim Textile received the awards from Şahabettin Harput, the governor of Bursa.

Şenol Şankaya, Among the Most Effective 50 Businessmen

According to the last research, which is carried out every year by Ekonomist magazine, Şenol Şankaya was among the “Most Effective 50 Businessmen in Anatolia”, among the list there were 4 more businessmen from Bursa. This year’s 50 Most Effective Businessmen in Anatolia research was carried out in cooperation with Vakıfbank and Ekonomist and supported by Turkcell and is done every year. Şenol Şankaya is one of the most selected businessman to the list.

Letter of appreciation from the governor of Bursa

Şahabettin Harput, governor of Bursa, has presented a letter of appreciation to Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim Textile, which received the '2011 Protect Award' from Burberry. Mr. Harput, governor of Bursa stated that they are proud to see Şenol Şankaya successfully representing Bursa and Turkey in the World during the ceremony held in the Governorship building on 13 April.