Şenol Şankaya to Join the IAF Board

Yeşim Textile CEO Şenol Şankaya is to represent the Turkish apparel and ready-wear industry in the International Apparel Federation (IAF), one of the world’s largest federations.

Assuming his new position starting from the 26th International Apparel Federation meeting, which is to be held on October 5-7 in Hong Kong, Şankaya will represent the Turkish apparel industry internationally. After former chairmen Hasan Arat and Umut Oran, Şankaya is going to be the 3rd Turkish industrialist representing Turkey at the management board of IAF, one of the world’s largest federations established in 1976 by a group of American, European and Japanese apparel industrialists.

Also holding the positions of Coordinating Chairman of Uludağ Exporters’ Unions (UİB) and Chairman of UİB Apparel and Ready Wear Exporters’ Union, Şankaya is going to deliver a speech at the 26th meeting of the International Apparel Federation. At the speech he is to deliver at the meeting, Şankaya will tell about Yeşim Textile’s efforts in the fields of production, innovation and social responsibility and will share the Turkish vision of the apparel industry as viewed by Yeşim Textile with participants from different countries.

*For more information on IAF, visit www.iafnet.com