´Yeşim Recycle` brand showcased for home textiles

Manufacturing environment-friendly fabrics that resemble leather under its “Yeşim Recycle” brand which it patented a few months ago, Yeşim Textile started advertising bed sheets and bedclothes manufactured under the new brand to its customers.

After the T-shirts manufactured under the “Yeşim Recycle” brand, Yeşim Textile now showcases its recyclable home textile products produced under the same brand. Having so far manufactured environment-friendly fabrics under the “e-fabric” title, Yeşim now offers bed sheets and bedclothes manufactured in the same scope to its home textile customers on the home and overseas markets.

Having started manufacturing in 1983 with home textiles and currently racing for the top in the apparel industry, Yeşim supports environment-friendly manufacturing in this line of products as well. With an ambitious home textile product portfolio that targets a select group of customers in the middle and upper income segments, Yeşim Textile continues to offer its customers different options, including bed sheets and sets of bedclothes it has recently started manufacturing under the Yeşim Recycle brand