Şankaya Heads the Uludağ Exporters´ Association

Serving since 2006 as the chairman of Uludağ Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association (UHKİB), Şenol Şankaya recently was reelected as the chairman of UHKİB and, following that, was elected to the post of coordinating chairman of Uludağ Exporters’ Association (UİB).

Şankaya reelected unanimously

Yeşim Textile CEO Şenol Şankaya has been unanimously reelected as a chairman at the regular general assembly of Uludağ Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association (UHKİB). 40 of 83 members of the association participated in the regular general assembly. At the election in which Şankaya ran with a single list and got the support of all members participating in the general assembly, he gave a speech saying “The importance we have attached to fashion and design have offered us a great advantage in Europe after the crisis and now is the time to use this advantage in order to take the Turkish textile industry to the place it deserves in the world”.

Şankaya to Coordinate UİB Chairmen

At the election held during the joint meeting of chairmen of Uludağ Exporters’ Association (UİB), Şenol Şankaya, Chairman of Uludağ Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association (UHKİB) was elected coordinating chairman of UİB. Orhan Gençoğlu, Chairman of Uludağ Fruit and Vegetable Products Exporters’ Association, will serve as a deputy coordinating chairman.

Uludağ Exporters’ Association comprises a total of five associations: Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association, Textile Exporters’ Association, Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association, Fruit and Vegetable Products Exporters’ Association and Association of Exporters of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.