Yeşim hires 250 persons

With the jobs it has created, Yeşim has sparked hope in the industry and supported the government. Yeşim Tekstil has responded to the government’s request of support from industrialists for the solution of the unemployment problem, one of the most important issues on the government’s agenda. By creating 250 more jobs, Yeşim has once again proved to be a part of the solution.

Yeşim Tekstil CEO Şenol Şankaya said “We cannot stay indifferent to the statements of our Prime Minister, in which he called for support from industrialists. Aware of our responsibility, we at Yeşim have done our best to create 250 more jobs. We now expect the government to pass structural reforms and introduce policies that will, in return, show its support for industrialists and facilitate our operations.”

Stating that unemployment was one of the urgent issues that needed to be solved by the society, Şankaya continued by saying: “The government and employers have to work in a coordinated manner in order for us to tackle unemployment and ensure peace and tranquility in the society. As a group, we provide jobs to a total of 10,000 persons with 5,000 in-house jobs and another 5,000 jobs with our contractor suppliers. As a group, we value jobs and employment and creation of each additional job makes us happy. Therefore, the 250 additional in-house jobs we have created will spark hope both within our group and among the people of Bursa. If the conditions improve as we hope they will, we all sincerely wish to create even more jobs, employing people that have previously become unemployed.”