“The Şükrü Şankaya Scholarship”


Yeşim Textile has begun working on its “Şükrü Şankaya Scholarship” joint project with TEV and it is being conducted by the Social Responsibility Club. Thanks to the Scholarship, one of the founders of Yeşim Textile, the late  Şükrü Şankaya, will be able to live on in this education project, an issue which was very dear to his heart.

The Şükrü Şankaya Scholarship has been created with the slogan “every step for education is a step toward changing our lives” and aims to bring hope for promising university students who are experiencing difficulties due to their financial circumstances. Under the project every kind of aid, whether large or small, will mean something significant. The scholarship project was initiated with the support of Yeşim employees and today is continually growing with support flooding in from the company’s clients, suppliers and various segments of the public.  

Yeşim Textile’s CEO, Şenol Şankaya, stated that he was very honoured to conduct the project which would ensure the name of the late Şükrü Şankaya, who placed such a great deal of importance on education and learning, continued to live on. Şankaya pointed out that the project has being helping support the education of more youngsters each day and continued, “The Şükrü Şankaya Scholarship is one the most significant projects we have brought to life in recent times. On behalf of my late father who believed in the importance of education a great deal, I am very proud of the fact that his name will live on in a project which is part of a great non-profit organization such as TEV, who has provided so many valuable projects for the education of the young Turkish people. Our project is growing each day thanks to the funds constantly coming in and is helping support more young people with their education. I’m happy to say that the project, which started off as part of TEV and was lead by Yeşim Textile, now continues with the support and participation of Yeşim employees, suppliers, affiliate companies and many segments of the public.”

Şenol Şankaya said that his father’s words guided him on this project; The contribution we industrialists make to the economy is hugely significant. However, more important is the contribution we’ll make to education. Because any contribution we make to learning is vital and precious not only for today but also for the future. Therefore, we must employ our best efforts to use all of our resources for the education of our children and to shape our  future together.”

Throughout his life, Şükrü Şankaya contributed much to education and learning with the schools he had had built and by having the cost of the wreaths at his funeral donated to TEV, he made sure children were able to go to school. Now, with this new project,  Şankaya’s belief in the “People First” principle is being kept alive and it is aimed, firstly with Yeşim employees and then with clients and suppliers, to create a sense of volunteership. Based on the project, the Social Responsibility Club was established within Yeşim Textile’s structure and has succeeded for a year in funding money for the scholarship fund by organizing various activities.  University students who wish to benefit from the Şükrü Şankaya Scholarship will be able to apply for the TEV scholarship through their universities. Yeşim Textile will not participate in the selection process of students eligible for scholarship. The selection of students to receive scholarships will be carried out by the universities themselves based on the criteria set out by TEV.

Finally, having received help from the suppliers, the Social Responsibility Club members have had notebooks made. These notebooks are to be sold to employees, Yeşim’s suppliers, affiliate companies, clients and many other sectors in order to create funds. All money collected will go toward supporting the education of promising students chosen according to TEV’s scholarship selection standards.