Double the happiness with each flower you send [11 November 2009]

Provided in cooperation with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), the Şükrü Şankaya Education Scholarship will double the happiness through the “Happy Day Flowers” application. From now on, money donated for flowers sent through TEV on birthdays, wedding anniversaries and a variety of other occasions will go as donations to the TEV Şükrü Şankaya Education Scholarship Fund to make the future brighter for a number of youngsters.

Established last year under the leadership of the Social Responsibility Club at Yeşim Textile, the TEV Şükrü Şankaya Scholarship is making progress day by day. Having so far brightened the hopes of a number of financially disadvantaged students, the scholarship fund does not ask for large donations. Contributing to the scholarship through the “Happy Day Flowers” project is both more meaningful and easier.
Implemented in the 4th year since the death of Şükrü Şankaya, the launch of the project has been announced at an event attended by Turgut Bozkurt, General Director of TEV, Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim Textile as well as managers of both institutions and members of the Yeşim Social Responsibility Club.