Yesim Textile provides a free state-of-the-art crèche to meet the needs of employees’ children from 0-6 years, with a capacity of 1000 children. The Yesim Kindergarten continues to provide some 400 children with a parallel education to the private kindergarten system, aimed at forging the personal and social development of employees' children.

In our kindergarden, which is served by expert personnel of 30 people, private lessons such as robotic coding, yoga, chess, drama, folk dance, English and environmental lessons are given periodically to contribute to the personal development of children. Various education programs are organized for the kindergarden parents, such as Parent School.

Yeşim Kindergarten organizes events with its students each year at the end of the education period, bringing families together. In addition, by organizing an April 23 festival in the garden of the factory every year, families and children are provided with a pleasant time.

Yeşim Kreş

Contemporary Child Rearing Training

Kindergarten's teachers are given training on subjects including communication, Current Curriculum, and transition from traditional to contemporary teaching methods. Alongside kindergarten’s curriculum which is prepared in parallel the Ministry of National Education’s curriculum, there are the optional courses as chess, English, robotic coding, yoga and drama which support children’s personal improvement.

Various education programs are also organized for the kindergarden parents, such as Parent School. As part of the program, parents are given various personal development trainings on child development and the role of the family.

Yeşim Kindergarden has been operating since 1988 as one of the first examples of the company's kindergarden, Turkey has been many times in the press with sample applications so far.

Yeşim Library

Yeşim Textile has a rich library of 1400 books, consisting of Turkish and world literature classics, history books, various management and personal development books. All Yeşim employees benefit from the library free of charge.