Career Opportunities

Yeşim Group, which has been operating as a manufacturer brand in the ready-to-wear and home textile sectors since 1983, continues its activities as one of the leaders of the sector with more than 15 thousand employees in three countries. You can reach our job postings on or Linkedin to be a part of this big family. You can also visit our headquarters factory and fill out the general application form.

Recruitment Process

Candidates who are found suitable for the position among the applications made through career portals are invited to the first interview. The first interview is conducted by Human Resources by using the competency-based interview technique. If the interview is positive, behavioral or technical tests are carried out within the framework of the necessity of the position. Candidates whose profile is evaluated positively are invited to the manager interview. After the manager interview, the most suitable candidate for the said position is selected by the Human Resources and the department manager. A reference check is made for the candidate who has successfully completed the interview process, and an offer is presented to the candidate whose reference check is positive.


Internship Experience at Yeşim

There are two-term internship opportunities, summer and winter for the students who have a compulsory internship period at Yeşim Group. Applications of trainee candidates from undergraduate, vocational high school and vocational high school students who have compulsory internship (insured by the school) are received online on in February every year. Candidates whose internship applications are accepted are informed by phone.

What We Offer You?

  • A dynamic employee experience in a prestigious manufacturer brand that produces for world brands
  • Countless opportunities for you to develop your career in our company operating in three different countries
  • A work environment that encourages innovation and constantly supports your development
  • Being a part of a family based on the principle of “People First” and the principle of equal opportunity

Yeşim Academy

Yeşim Academy aims to support the career development of all our employees with training programs that will help them realize their potential. We support our employees with mentoring and coaching programs in addition to the trainings implemented to raise the leaders of the future. 


Our Training Programs

  • Legal and compulsory trainings
  • Vocational trainings
  • Technical trainings
  • Social compliance trainings
  • Lean training programs
  • Professional development trainings
  • Leadership trainings
  • Leader development training program in line management
  • Foreign language training
  • Personal development trainings
  • Trainings for nursery staff and parents
  • Gender equality training programs
  • Coaching & mentoring programs