Lean Management in Yeşim Textile

Yeşim Tekstil Lean Management Yeşim Textile had adopted Lean Thinking, which is one of the most effective production and management models with respect to quality, human resources management, process improvement and profitability, back in 2006, and still applies this approach fully at all stages of production and management.    

Lean thinking aims at creating a production and management model focusing on value in all processes carried out by production departments and support units with a view to reducing non-value creating processes and wastage. Using the Kaizen technique, which is a continuous development and improvement method that is carried out in simple steps and the PDCA technique that helps applying the problem solving approach at each single level is imperative to this end. Moreover, lean management does not only help process development but it also helps focusing on individual development with a view to organizing various training programs and activities for different target groups.     

The improvement observed in the performance indicators of individual units through dissemination of the management by objectives approach, one of the most effective lean techniques, to all employees by Hoshin X matrices and annual action plans contribute largely to business results of Yeşim Textile.    

The concepts of communication, sharing, teaming, team spirit and value creation were adopted by all employees as a result of lean activities that are carried out under a people oriented management system. This is the main source of success of lean production in Yeşim Textile.


Major Lean Production techniques that are applied by Yeşim Textile with a view to focusing on value and reducing wastage are listed here below: Standardized Work, Andon, Gemba, 5S, Pull System, Single Peace Flow, Value Stream Mapping, PDCA, Lean Layout, Line Balancing, Autonomous Maintenance, SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies), Kaizen, Strategic A3, Hoshin Kanri, Process Analysis, On the Job Training (Job Shadowing), Skills development.