Yesim’s Excellence Concept

Yeşim - Journey to Perfection1. Results-Oriented: Perfection depends on the balancing and satisfying of all concerned stakeholders’ needs. Perfection involves a chain of benefits - creating value for all stakeholders, achieving sustainable long-term success, and establishing win-win relationships throughout the process. Employees at Yesim have results-oriented targets. Everyone who works at Yesim contributes to the company’s overall targets through realization of his or her own personal targets.

Performance Evaluation

2. Customer Focus: The final arbiter of product and service quality is the customer. The best way to gain customers and maintain their loyalty and market share is to focus clearly on fulfilling the requirements of existing and potential customers. Yesim’s customers are its true north. The company’s targets are aligned to the need to form strategic partnerships with global giants.

3. Leadership and Constancy of purpose : Through their behavior, clarity and unity of purpose, an organization’s leaders can create the environment in which both corporate and individual perfection can be achieved. Yesim’s management have clearly specified the way ahead, and provide the support necessary to ensure that the targets of both leaders and workers are directed to that end.

True North

4. Management by Process and Facts: Corporations perform best when time is taken to manage systematically, a decision making process relying on planned improvements through reliable data that takes into account the perspectives of all stakeholders in an awareness that all corporate activities are closely interrelated. Yesim uses Lean Management tools. Every department works with measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Data is systematically gathered and examined. Management results are scrutinized by the CEO and directors at weekly top management meetings.

Lean Management

5. People development and Involvement: to realize the full potential of an organization’s employees, a culture of shared values, trust and empowerment must be created. Such an environment facilitates the participation of everyone. Yesim regularly carries out employee contentment questionnaires. Yesim is aware of the importance of the development of every unit in the overall achievement of the company’s goals.

6. Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement: A company performs best when run in a shared culture of accumulating knowledge, learning, innovating and improvement. For that reason, Yesim uses tools such as personal suggestion systems and kaizen applications in order to catch the latest trends in continuous learning and improvement.


7. Partnership Development: To reach its optimum performance, a company must establish relations with all its collaborators and stakeholders based on trust, knowledge-sharing, and a holistic mutually beneficial approach for the common good. Yesim appreciates that it is part of a long chain, together with its suppliers and customers. That is why suppliers are being strengthened through empowerment programs. Various joint projects with customers are also being implemented in order to provide structured feedback mechanisms, and gain a deeper understanding of customers and a sense of shared perception.

Supplier Empowerment

8. Corporate Social Responsibility: The long-term protection of the interests of the company and its employees generally depends on the full integration of an ethical approach, and the will to surpass society’s existing expectations and structures. This means stressing once again the firm’s place in society and society’s knowledge of the firm through social responsibility and complaince programs.

Yesim attaches great importance to these issues and as a result of its work in this area the company has gained SA 8000 Certification, the global social complaince standard for decent working conditions.

Yeşim SA 8000 Certificate

Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Certificate