Occupational Health and Safety

Yeşim Tekstil Occupational Health and Safety Yesim Textile is fully committed to creating and maintaining an ever safer, healthier and more productive place of work through.

• Identifying and minimizing the risks to health and safety in the work place
• Continuously following and implementing the applicable national regulations governing occupational health and safety, as well as industry, customer and business partner best practices
• Implementing occupational health and safety measures in line with internationally accepted management system standards,
• Periodically reviewing management systems and practices in order to achieve continuous improvements,
• Training all personnel so that they are fully aware of their personal responsibilities with regard to occupational health and safety,
• Contributing to suppliers’ development of occupational health and safety measures and awareness.

Occupational Health and Safety is one of the three main headings of Yesim Textile’s Corporate Social Responsibility Management System.

On 2nd August 2004, Yesim Textile published its Policy Document on Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety issues, effectively encapsulating its commitment to the full realization of these objectives. Yesim Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Training to Spread Social Responsibility – Environment – Occupational Health and Safety

Yeşim Tekstil İş Güvenliği

Periodic training sessions are given every year to existing and new employees at Yesim Textile, in order to ensure awareness and implementation of Social Compatibility – Environment – Occupational Health and Safety management systems on the shop floor and throughout the factory.

In July 2006, the company began a joint project with AKUT (Search and Rescue Association), designed to improve Yesim’s Emergency Situation Management System, to raise awareness of emergency situations amongst employees and those close to them, raise general awareness, achieve technical proficiency, and ensure the uninterrupted maintenance of essential corporate operations in an emergency.

Project Highlights

The project provides training in the following areas:
 Natural Disaster and Emergency Situation Preparedness,
• Rescue,
• First Aid and Disaster Medical Intervention,
• Techniques for Approaching and Searching Rubble,
• Emergency Situation Managers.

Internal Auditing

Yesim Textile is audited by both announced and unannounced internal auditors and 7S auditors in line with the Social Responsibility Management System that the company has developed.

Announced Internal Audits

These are company-wide, comprehensive audits. Following the announced audit, observations, advice, cases of minor or major infractions (if applicable) are sent to the concerned unit manager; remedial and preventive measures are planned and implemented using a QDMS computer program.

Unannounced Internal Audits

Both wide- and narrow- range weekly audits are carried out. Any infractions identified during the unannounced weekly audits are included in the Internal Audit Reports.

7S Audits

The Social Responsibility department supports environment, occupational health and safety issues within the scope of Lean Office 7S audits. The weekly 7S audits planned by the Social Responsibility department have been integrated with Environment, Occupational Health and Safety audits.

Supplier Evaluation

Yesim Textile aims progressively to develop the social responsibility good practices of suppliers and sub-manufacturers, in parallel with its own policy. Yesim Textile contributes to these firms’ social responsibility activities by producing handbooks and sample social responsibility policies for suppliers. Social responsibility audits of suppliers are carried out periodically, and action plans prepared.