Green Factory and the Environment

Yeşim Tekstil - Green Factory and the EnvironmentIn order to fulfil its responsibilities towards society and the environment, Yesim Textile is committed to:

• Preventing pollution
• Reducing the sources of pollution,
• Implementing environmental measures in line with internationally accepted management system standards,
• Continuously following and implementing customers’ rules and guidelines on environmental issues, as well as industry best practices,
• Periodically reviewing management systems and practices in order to achieve continuous improvements,
• Training all personnel so that they are fully aware of environmental issues,
• Contributing to suppliers’ development of environmental measures and awareness

The Environmental Management System is one of the three main headings of Yesim Textile’s Corporate Social Responsibility Management System, and the Environment Group working under the Social Responsibility Board has begun work on ISO 14000 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems to reduce the environmental footprint of a business and to decrease the pollution and waste a business produces.

Yeşim Tekstil

Within the scope of this work:

• On 2nd August 2004, Yesim Textile published its Policy Document on Energy and Environment issues
• Employees are given training to raise their awareness of environmental issues
• The factory’s environmental footprint is evaluated
• Appropriate measures are taken in order to control reduce the company’s impact on the environment

Green Factory

Yeşim Tekstil - Green Factory

What can I do about global warming and the future?

Yesim Textile is implementing Green Factory projects in order to address this question, reduce the environmental impact of all its processes, and use resources efficiently - under the following main headings:

Reducing Electricity Consumption

• Removal of hot oil pumping system,
• Improving electricity efficiency through implementing driver applications on the AC fans,
• Implementing driver systems and replacing existing water pumps with more efficient ones,

Yeşim Tekstil - Yeşil Fabrika Yeşil Çevre

Reducing Water Consumption

• Recycling cooling water ,
• Limiting water used in fabric dyeing .

Reducing Natural Gas Consumption

• System for capturing the warmth of waste water,

• Heating exhaust air by fitting heat exchange systems to the drying machine shafts

In recognition of these efforts, Yesim Textile was awarded First Prize in the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources’ “Energy Productivity in Industry” competition in 2008.

Lean Production Practices

• Stockless production operation ,
• Aiming for environmental improvements at every process through kaizen methods.

Waste Management and Elimination

• Eliminating waste and reducing resource use, in line with the applicable regulations.

Within the scope of its Green Factory projects, Yesim Textile runs in-house Green Factory Workshops at which employees’ advice and suggestions are voiced; in this way environmental issues are spread throughout the company as an integral part of its corporate culture.