Zero waste period in Yeşim

Yeşim, which did not compromise on environmental sensitivity while developing production capacity and shaped energy management and environmentally friendly production activities according to energy and environmental policy, took another valuable step and was entitled to receive a "Zero Waste Certificate". 

Yeşim, which aims to move in line with the 'Green Factory' approach since the first day of the establishment, to set an example for all its stakeholders in this regard and to raise awareness of the society in this regard; within the scope of the Zero Waste Regulation published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it established a zero waste management system in Bursa factory. In accordance with the system in question, wastes in areas where zero waste bins were placed were disposed of in accordance with the defined waste bins. After its success in this field, Yeşim was awarded a Zero Waste Certificate and made its claim in this field once again. 

"Zero Waste" is defined as a waste management philosophy, which covers the prevention of waste, more efficient use of resources, the prevention or minimization of waste formation by reviewing the causes of waste formation, and the separate collection and recovery of waste at its source in case of waste formation. In line with this philosophy, paper, plastic, glass, and organic wastes are collected and recycled separately from other wastes in Yeşim.