The second step of exemplary collaboration completed

The second term studies of “Take Action for a Sustainable Future!” project carried out in cooperation with Yeşim and İzmir University of Economics were successfully completed after the first phase. 

The second leg of the project was carried out with the 1st year students of the Visual Communication Design Department of Fine Arts and Design Faculty (GSTF) of Izmir University of Economics (IEU) in the spring semester of 2020-21 academic year. The trainings were given by Yeşim directors to the students on sustainable fashion and the impact of plastic use on the world, printing techniques and visual communication design within the scope of the project. The students designed special figures to draw attention to the animals affected by the plastic waste in nature with the theme of sustainable future. The environmental designs prepared were printed on the cloth masks and bags provided by Yeşim.
The subjects such as attaching importance to the emphasis of the textile and apparel industry on growth strategies, preferring sustainable products in line with the demands of consumers, becoming a priority criterion of the sustainability concept in all business processes, depleting of the world resources rapidly and consuming sector resources rapidly in the face of the reality of climate crisis within the framework of the sustainability theme also guided the project. 
The online trainings have been given by Yeşim Design Manager Nergis Melek Akıncı and Fashion Designer Dilara Gezer for 6 weeks for the purpose of raising awareness about the sustainable fashion to 4th year students of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design in the fall semester of the 2020-21 academic year within the scope of the said project. 19 students, who used recyclable fabrics and accessories provided by Yeşim after the trainings, appended their signature to 228 special clothing designs with their own means. In addition to the special catalog containing the images of the related designs, all these designs were shared with the public in a virtual fashion show prepared by the students as the final output of the project.
Yeşim prioritized transferring its sectoral experience and knowledge to newly trained young designers and providing environments that will inspire them in both periods with the support that it provided to the said project. The students had the chance to experience functional and inspiring designs in an ecosystem that values nature and people with the least possible resources and minimum waste within the scope of the project.