Turkey’s leader in the Ready-to-Wear Industry is also a champion in Egypt

Jade Textile, affiliated with Yeşim Group, which is running its manufacturing operations in Egypt, has succeeded to be the largest Ready-to-Wear – Apparel Exporter of the country for the 3rd consecutive year.  

Jade Textile established Ismailia factory in 2019 to be manufacturing goods for the American markets as well as the ones in Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt. The company has achieved a significant growth curve in the region with this recent investment. 
Yeşim Group Co CEO Selim Şankaya stated that they are so proud and happy to being the “Largest Ready-to-Wear – Apparel Exporter in Egypt” for the 3rd consecutive year according to the results of “Apparel Exports of Egypt in 2020”. Mr. Şankaya underlined that after a challenging year, this achieved success, has brought out the the power of Turkish companies abroad.
Mr. Şankaya emphasized that in addition to their facilities in Turkey, which mostly manufacture goods for the European markets, they also run manufacturing operations in 2 countries such as Egypt and Moldova and their first manufacturing facility in Egypt got into operation in Alexandria in 2008. Mr. Şankaya said that after this first manufacturing plant in the region, they also established their second manufacturing facilities in Cairo in 2009. 
Mr. Şankaya continued that the last operation in Egypt got into operation in Ismailia in 2019. As Yeşim Group, we currently continue our manufacturing and export operations in Egypt with our 3 factories in Egypt. We export our manufactured goods from Egypt to the American markets. Egypt is a strategic investment for us. The free trade agreement, signed between Egypt and the U.S.A. is particularly important, giving us chance to sell duty-free goods. Egypt has strategically positioned the Ready-to-Wear sector as a privileged one within its growth goals until 2030. We are proud of succeeding to become the largest exporter for the 3rd consecutive year in an industry that is strategically so important to Egypt.”.