Yeşim focuses on the 2025 targets

As a strategic manufacturing partner of global brands, Yeşim has organized a strategy workshop with a view to aligning with the demands, expectations, goals, and dreams of its customers and creating a strongly founded vision for the future on the 37th anniversary of its incorporation. The 5 day workshop schedule was dominated by the topics of shaping the new normal stage and strategy management through more dynamic, flexible, fast, and proactive approaches.      

Yeşim Group’s CEO Şenol Şankaya, Jade Textile’s General Manager Selim Şankaya, directors, executives and representatives of departments carrying out customer focused activities participated in the strategy workshop which was organized at Yeşim Academy with the motto “Vision 2025 the transformation has begun”, observing all the safety rules pertaining to using face masks and social distancing. The first day of the workshop, where all processes of the Yeşim Group Companies, production, and sales in particular, were discussed, commenced with the inauguration speech delivered by Selim Şankaya, the leader of strategic activities in the Yeşim Group. Stating that they aim at defining Yeşim’s claim of change and drawing a game plan to accomplish that claim on the way to 2025, Şenkaya said “We have taken remarkable steps until now and achieved most of our strategic goals. Nevertheless, we still have a long way to go and the real work is yet to be done. It is crucial to develop a method enabling us to systematically implement a strategy that is aligned with the customers’ expectations.”.        

Yeşim Group’s CEO Şenol Şankaya has stated that the Yeşim Group companies have organized this workshop to set a 5 year strategy and said “We aim at conveying our 5 year strategies to all our employees through annual targets starting from 26 October 2020, the day on which we celebrate the 37th anniversary of incorporation of Yeşim, with a view to ensuring that these strategies are adopted by everyone.”