Yeşim staff have raised awareness through the “Creative Thinking Workshop”

The Creative Thinking Workshop was organized at Yeşim Academy with a view to opening new windows for creative thinking, one of the most important factors supporting innovation which an indispensable concept of the information age. 

Educator and Author Tufan Ata Türkyılmaz was the speaker at the workshop organized by Yeşim’s Futurizm, Innovation and Technology Club and attended by the club members, staff of the design and customer relations departments as well as staff of the R&D Center. Neslihan Cingü, the Leader of Yeşim’s Futurizm, Innovation and Technology Club took the floor for the inauguration speech of the event, expressing her gratitude towards Tufan Ata Türkyılmaz on behalf of the Club, for visiting Yeşim Textile for the event and sharing precious information with Yeşim’s staff and stating that the workshop to be held at the final stage of the event will provide a platform where all participants will be able to express their ideas freely.         

Taking the floor after Cingü, Tufan Ata Türkyılmaz gave a presentation titled “Creativity and Innovation”. In his presentation, Türkyılmaz discussed topics such as the limits of innovation and creativity, the definition of invention and innovation, innovativeness of individual companies, factors that take individual companies a step further or that block their progress, sustainability and innovation, textile in the future, and the importance of waste management and recycling.

The creative thinking methods workshop covering improvement methods, revolutionary methods and different viewpoint methods was held after Türkyılmaz’s presentation. Workshop participants formed 6 teams and were given the opportunity to develop new ideas and raise awareness exploiting different methods.