"2. People First Day" in Yeşim

The second of ‘’People First’’ day that is aimed to be performed traditionally, is effectuated with an intense participation with the 20th year celebration program of ‘’People First’’ magazine and People First Short Film Festival which is organized last year. Beside the company employees and the senior executives, The CEO of Yeşim Textile Şenol Şankaya, The General Manager of Jade Textile Selim Şankaya, the jury members Producer Güzin Abraş and The Theatre-Series Actresses Demet Oran and Neriman Uğur participated to the day of ‘’People First’’ activity that took place in Yeşim Conference Saloon.

Yeşim Textile Corporate Communication Manager Dilek Cesur who spoke at the opening of the activity, gave information about the starting point of ‘People First’ Philosophy which is the important part of the company culture and its importance for Yeşim Textile. Yeşim Textile’s CEO Şenol Şankaya who took the speech after Mrs.Cesur said that this meaningful message which they took over from his deceased father, got into the DNA of the company and that he is so happy to see its reflections on the faces of the employees by stating that Yeşim is a big family and growing up every day. 

After the speech of Şankaya, the certificates and the plaques are offered to the members of Yeşim Runner Team that collected donation and that gained a degree with the collected donations for the Project ‘’Educated girls hopeful tomorrows’’ within the scope of “TEV Şükrü Şankaya educational fund” participating the 40th Vodafone Istanbul Marathon fund that is performed last November . While Yeşim Runner Team is placed the 7th team overall Turkey that collected the maximum donation by providing the education grant for 215 university student girls, it is placed the 3rd team among all the teams that collected maximum donations for TEV. Yeşim Textile Production Director Kerim Bayram accomplished an important achievement by gaining a degree as the 8th runner who collected the maximum donation in Turkey. Yeşim Runner Team also offered a special gift to Şenol Şankaya as a memory of this day.

The program continued with the ceremony where the winner of the short film festival participant is announced. This year, as a result of a particular evaluation among 4 films that participated to the competition, the winner was the production of Begüm Özbarutçu and Ceyda Çalışkan. Şenol Şankaya offered the plaques to Yeşim employee winners. The activity ended with a cocktail program in the showroom.