Yeşim Kindergarten has been in full-page news in Hürriyet

Yeşim Kindergarten, has graduated thousands of children since its foundation and has celebrated 30th foundation anniversary this year, has  in full-page news in Hürriyet which is one of the newspaper has maximum circulation in Turkey.


The applications of Yeşim Kindergarten that has supported women's employment and has the most important of samples in the field of Turkey have reported in the news. The employees of Yeşim who have speech in the interview that also take place the stories of 5 people working in the Yeşim Textile mentioned to gladness because of values added to themselves the graduation from Yeşim Kindergarten and sense of belonging against the company and their happiness from being under the umbrella of Yeşim again.


The stories of an employee who came back to the Kindergarten as a teacher after she graduated and an employee who put her children down for to Yeşim Kindergarten and was happy to be taken care of the children in good hands here attracted attention. In the news that also took place the images from special photo shoot, The CEO of Yeşim Textile Şenol Şankaya's special explains and warm photograph took place in 30th foundation anniversary. Şankaya as an industrialist who has found it extremely important that all school have offered this type of Kindergarten service, He said that the employees has conscious of taking care of her children there very well and known that her children were near when they come to work have provide a healthy business environment.


Şankaya continued his words that: "People First" thinks of my deceased father Şükrü Şankaya and my cousin Cavit Çağlar was most strong believe in main elements of our companies. Until now, we have benefited from our kindergarten. We see that we are the preferred reason for employees. That has an impact on efficiency. Our kindergarten has also been introduced as a sample project worldwide. Our kindergarten also has serious contributions to the Turkish economy. Increasing the number of women employees also plays an important role. We have a 50 percent female employee. The biggest tool in this increase is the Kindergarten. As the number of women in the country increases, the level of welfare and the level of development are increasing. We suggest that such kindergartens be supported in every city, everywhere, and our industrialists should protect such projects with this awareness. We need to attract women to economy and business life. Turkey develops according as produce, this is the only possible way. This is the most beautiful way, until the primary school age from the age of 6 months is to take care of our children.