Our basic philosophy at Yeşim is ''People First''

Outsourcing companies working for Yeşim Textile gathered at the Supplier Summit. In the summit held at Yeşim Textile, Yeşim Textile's goals for 2023 and points to be noted in the production stages were shared. The meeting which emphasized the expectations about social accountability and quality especially during production also stressed that the performance of supplier companies will be conducted regularly.

At the Summit, Yeşim Textile CEO Şenol Şankaya, stated, "You are part of our family. I believe that we should engage in closer and more transparent relationships. We would like to travel the journey of Yeşim's great vision together. In the company, we provide employment opportunities to 2 thousand 500 people. We have 7 thousand 500 employees together with our suppliers. Our export numbers for 2017 were $ 280 million. Our turnover objective for 2023 is 630 million dollars". Şankaya continued: "We give great importance to the concept of social accountability. Errors in worker's health and safety have extremely high costs. We show zero tolerance at this point. As Yeşim Textile, we have never compromised by saying 'just salvage the situation'. As the message was conveyed to us by Şükrü Şankaya, our philosophy is 'People First'. In the philosophy of Yeşim Textile, there is like the message that Şükrü Şankaya gave us. We would never want to violate the rights of our employees.  We cannot accept paying our suppliers under the minimum wage. The issue we are most worried about is child labor. Child workers should never be employed in the business."