Customer-Focused Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Yesim Textile is specifically designed on customer focused lines, with Business Units set up to give dedicated service to every customer or customer group. Each Business Unit is individually responsible for the customer satisfaction of its own customer group throughout the production process. All staff members of each Business Unit work as a single team in the same location; the managerial team formed throughout the production and sales processes works in an open office plan to assure continuous face to face communication between unit members.

The Meeting Place for Famous Brands, the World Mall

Yeşim Tekstil World MallYesim Textile’s latest products are displayed in a contemporary mall setting, composed of 22 separate boutiques prepared in line with the company’s priority commitment to the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Attention is drawn once again to Yesim Textile’s dedication to environmentally friendly production, with one of the shops displaying the company’s full range of organic and recyclable fabric products.

Customers visiting Yesim Textile are greeted in showrooms presenting their branded products and discussions over product samples are held here. Quality is very much a way of life to Yesim Textile, and the company’s vision of flawless quality is on view once again in these display areas.