Innovative Practices

Yesim defines itself as a global firm in the textile sector whose existence is maintained through superior technology, high quality human resources and a thoroughly professional management structure. Behind the company’s survival until today lies its status as an “’innovating” company. Yesim is in a process of continuous self-renewal, closely following sectoral trends and incorporating them with a requisite degree of production and management flexibility. Yesim is a company that has innovation at the very heart of its corporate identity and objectives.

Innovative Practices at Yesim

Product Innovation

The Wonder of Nano Technology – Intelligent Fabrics

Yeşim Tekstil Nano Teknoloji Harikası Akıllı Kumaşlar

Yesim, which started R&D nano technological fabric production in 2000, was one of Turkey’s earliest adopters and producers of the most significant trend in the sector in years – flameproof, water-repellant, no-iron, sweat-absorbing, intelligent fabrics. Yesim has also developed “Hybrid” technical textile fabrics that combine various characteristics and functions.

Nature-friendly fabrics

Organic Fabrics

Yesim has been producing environmentally friendly fabrics with yarns obtained from organic cotton, bamboo and soya since 2001, and received international certification for its organic manufacturing. Yesim is one of the few firms internationally to have been granted the “Sustainable Textile Certificate”.

Yeşim Tekstil Doğa Dostu Organik ve Geri Dönüşümlü Kumaşlar

Recyclable Fabrics

Yesim is one of the first companies in Turkey to implement recyclability in cotton fabrics and has created its own brand from its work in this field – “Yesim Recycle”. Yesim Recycle products have a recyclable rate of up to 50%. Taking into account that cotton is a difficult crop to grow, Yesim Recycle aims to reutilise existing resources. For example, Yesim Recycle’s method allows the recycling of thick yarn used in carpets to the thinner yarns used in T-shirts.

Organizational Innovation

Business Unit Applications

Business units based on the logic of bringing together people working for the same customer aim to increase communications, increase speed, and minimize errors. Yesim first implemented this practice in its Nike Department and then rolled it out in other departments like Esprit. Now, Yesim customer representatives serving the same customer work in the same room together with logistics, planning and purchasing staff, as a single integrated team.

Process Innovation

Lean Management Practices

At the start of 2006, Yesim began Lean Management applications encompassing working processes that had been more widely used in the automotive sector. This project was aimed initially at countering the crisis facing the textile sector by implementing lean production, raising profitability and competitiveness and enabling the delivery of more suitable, cheaper, higher quality products and services to customers. Yesim now aims to implement a kaizen process of continuous improvement by reviewing all its working processes and implanting a new management philosophy at the heart of the work of all its employees.

Marketing Innovation

Special Collections for Customers

Müşteriye Özel KolleksiyonYesim has formed its own design team that works with the support of outside professional fashion experts to create special collections for customers. As a production company without its own brand, Yesim thus aims to gain new orders through preparing alternative product portfolios for customers, parallel with existing marketing strategies.

Service Innovation

Differentiated Service to In-house Customers

Yesim has won admiration or so for its distinctive and exemplary services directed at those working within the textile sector, and its own employees. The establishment of organizations and social clubs that are pioneers in, is very much a part of this effort. With its exemplary and distinctive work in this field, Yesim remains amongst the leaders in its sector in terms of social responsibility and social accountability.