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Yeşim Tekstil Ev Tekstili


Yesim Textile manufactures world famous apparel brands, but also continues with the production of home textiles in which field the company first made its name. Yesim that makes production oriented to home textile since 1983, continues periodically to present new collections to the customers.



Yesim Textile first began exports of home textiles with the Matheis company, and this association continues to this day. The company has been manufacturing sheets for the Schlafgut brand that is consequently very well known in Turkey, for over 35 years. Among the product groups of Yeşim, there are products with different texture, content and sizes with a rich variety of patterns and colors. Company; tulle, soft curtain, upholstery fabric, tablecloth, duvet cover, rubber bed sheet, pillow case and bed protection case consisting of a bed group serves the domestic and foreign customers.

The company performs fabric dyeing, finishing, optical dying, foulard dying, disperse and pigment printing operations are carried out. In accordance with customer’s requirements waterproofing, stain resistant, flame retardant, antibacterial property and many other special processes are applied.

The Company’s flat and jacquard upholstery product groups, tablecloths in different sizes and designs, and bedding groups in various colors are exported to many countries, mainly Germany, Italy, America, Canada and Russia.

In addition to Matheis in the field of home textiles, the production capacity of Yeşim, which also produces for world brands such as Aldi, Rewe, Norma and Tchibo, is 100 thousand units per day.


Innovative Fabrics a Center of Attention

Moving from the demand of new and different product groups as a general trend all over the world, Yeşim is   carrying out important works in order to catch up with new trends in accordance with the philosophy of  continuous development. Yeşim, who prepares a three-season collection for the Schlafgut brand every year,  uses the innovative fabrics produced by the AR-GE works in the company itself, as well as in ready-to-wear   products, as well as in home textile products. Different concepts are presented to the customers by using   many special fabrics and home textile collections produced by the AR-GE team in the company.     WARM COMFORT lycra supur product is produced as fabric made with Yeşim - Aksa - Kipaş and Korteks   business association on AR - GE side.

BCI and Bluesign

Yeşim Textile is purchasing yarns manufactured by Kipaş, which has been in supply partnership for a long time under the strategic partnership agreement, in the environment friendly and sustainable conditions and manufactured by BCI certified cotton. In the fabric produced by the Company in response to the customers' requests in the framework of the strategic agreement, He is committed to using cotton yarns more suited to the Better Cotton (BCI) document, which has been a member since 2012, and to directing its customers to this issue. Yeşim Textile also has Bluesign membership, which is a standard for environmental, health and production safety. The five principles of the Bluesign standard promised by Yeşim Textile are welding productivity, consumer safety, air emissions, water emissions and work health - safety.


Yeşim Home brand in production

Yeşim Textile, which produces home textiles since its first day of manufacture, has started to present products it produces in this category under the brand of "Yeşim Home" to its customers.

The company, which positions itself as a manufacturer brand in the sector, has gone to the marketing of products it has produced in recent years under its own brand in certain categories. Products made from organic yarn are offered with "Yeşim Organic" and products made from recycled yarn are offered with "Yeşim Recycle" brands. Domestic textile products are also presented to customers under the brand name "Yesim Home".