Yeşim Tekstil KonfeksiyonIn the apparel department, production is carried out with a Single Piece Flow of the entire sewing, ironing, quality control, packing and packaging process. The machine park contains 1000 air and yarn cutting machines. A Lean Production system has been in operation in this department since 2006. In that context the department is active at the Lean Academy and is subject to continuous improvement efforts in every area. Workers are given training sessions every 4-6 weeks in Lean Production, teamwork and leadership, and are only allowed to progress to production lines after they have been fully trained.

Cutting - Preparation

After delivery of fabric, the laying, cutting, embroidery/printing dispatch, domestic-export dispatch-sewing entrance processes are carried out. After cutting, all products are controlled according to specific standards in accordance with the Lean Production system. Products are followed at every stage by a barcode tracking system.

Technical Department

The Technical Department gives standardized production parameters by specifying every detail of a model before production. The Technical Department specifies every production and working condition of each and every product - its cutting method, interfacing, selection of accessory quality such as yarn, accessory utilization details, sewing and packing specifications, and so on.

Since it is always so heavily involved in the production process, the Technical Department also plays an active role in overcoming any technical problems that may arise during production.

In the Technical Department, an expert sewing staff and technical team proficient in implementing all sewing methods with the help of a state-of-the-art machine park, create samples that precisely meet customer requirements. On average, 8000 pieces of 1000 different models are produced as samples every month.