Dyeing Printing & Finishing

Yeşim Tekstil Boya Baskı TerbiyeAs in all Yesim Textile’s other departments employing around 650 people, this department, with a daily capacity of 60 tons, and dyeing machine capacity of 5 to 1200 kilograms, has also been fully incorporated into the Lean Manufacturing System.

Cotton, nylon, polyester, bamboo, viscon, modal, wool-mix and lycra fabrics are all made in this department. New fabrics developed by the R&D department are continuously added to this portfolio.

Color inspections are carried out at three stages on exiting the dyeing machines, after drying, and immediately before shipment.

Dyes and chemicals are conveyed to the machines by a fully automated system; dyeing machine programs are centrally regulated by a system that also records all data from ongoing processes.

The printing department has a capacity of 100,000 meters per day. Most printing is on cotton fabrics but some is applied also to upholstery and furnishing fabrics, curtains, net curtains and table cloths. Fabrics are 100%-checked pre-shipment.

Quality control and length control of the completed rolled fabric is carried out at the shipment stage, the product then combined with its accessories. After completion of fabric processes, conformity with all applicable standards is once again controlled and checked by Quality Assurance before final shipment.

Yesim Textile has two laboratories, one dedicated to testing, one to dyes.

Test Laboratory

The test laboratory independently tests samples before they are sent to customers, or to laboratories abroad. The lab contains equipment to test fabrics for fire-resistance, especially those destined to customers in the US market. This equipment measures the speed at which fabric burns, and only exists at a handful of independently operated large scale laboratories in Turkey.

In Laboratory light fastness, washing fastness, perspiration fastness, tear strength and performance tests are performed.

Dye Laboratory

This laboratory has a dual functionality. Color demands from customers are dyed onto the requested fabrics and supplied to customers as rapidly as possible. The weighing and dosage, dyeing and washing for samples to be dye-tested are all carried out by fully automatic machines. Conformity of production colors with laboratory studies is continuously checked.