Yeşim Tekstil ÖrmeThe Knitting Department is where basic yarn is turned into raw fabric according to customer requirements, under the control of a fully equipped physical laboratory. As well as the machines’ existing design capabilities, Yesim Textile presents its customers with the latest and best production qualities using diverse types of yarn, designs and colors. Its highly professional and experienced production and R&D team backed with many years’ experience, continue to strive to this end.

Yesim Textile’s Knitting Department is state-of-the-art with: 250 personnel working in a 4,000 square meter production area, 184 circular knitting machines, 24 straight knitting accessory machines, 6 yarn winding machines, 1 fabric cutting machine, 24-hour production with daily capacity of 50 tons, 5 quality control machines provide continuous tracking of the desired fabric production quality.

Once knitted and quality controlled at the Yesim Textile Knitting Department, fabrics are scanned by a barcode system that dispatches them to the dyeing plant with minimum stock waiting times.

Atmospheric conditions are strictly controlled by a central computer that maintains all relevant atmospheric and environmental parameters, ensuring 100% fulfillment of the expectations of Yesim Textile’s most prestigious customers; temperature is maintained at a constant level of 20 ºC, humidity at 65%.

Production throughput quantities machine productivity rates are continuously monitored by the AccuTrack program, quality control results by the Oracle program. Since the first months of 2009, as both programs together with the integration of the online values have begun to be monitored from a single screen.