Social Facilities

Yeşim Tekstil - Crèche


Yesim Textile provides a free state-of-the-art kindergarten to meet the needs of employees’ children from 0-6 years, with a capacity of 1000 children. The Yesim Kindergarten continues to provide some 400 children with a parallel education to the private kindergarten system, aimed at forging the personal and social development of employees' children.

In our kindergarden, which is served by expert personnel of 30 people, private lessons such as robotic coding, yoga, chess, drama, folk dance, English and environmental lessons are given periodically to contribute to the personal development of children. Various education programs are organized for the kindergarden parents, such as Parent School.

Yeşim Kindergarten organizes events with its students each year at the end of the education period, bringing families together. In addition, by organizing an April 23 festival in the garden of the factory every year, families and children are provided with a pleasant time.

Transport Yeşim Tekstil Transport

Yeşim Textile employees benefit from the services free of charge on arrival and departure. Service stops are designated as central routes in the city. Detailed information about the services can be obtained from the Office of Administrative Affairs. Departure times of the services vary according to their distance to the factory and depart from the factory 15 minutes after the end of the working hour.

Health Center

The Health Unit was established in accordance with legal standards and provides service between 07:00 and 23:00. In our infirmary there is an emergency department where the first intervention is made, a sleeper department and a small laboratory. The events that need referral are transmitted to the hospital as soon as possible with the patient transfer vehicle. The ambulance affiliated with the health unit is kept for any emergency incident for 24 hours.