Yeşim Academy is opened

Aiming at serving for a very important objective by investing in humans beyond increasing efficiency and profitability in manufacturing, Yeşim Textile has brought Yeşim Academy into action. The company aims corporate and individual development and to take firm steps forward with Yeşim Academy, which is a reflection of the “People First” principle.

The CEO of Yeşim Textile, Mr. Şenol Şankaya stated his thoughts and opinions in his speech at the opening ceremony of Yeşim Academy: "I want to start my words with a promise given to us by my deceased father, who was one of the founders of our company. 'The contribution of industrialists to the economy is very important. However, our contribution to training is more important than that. Because our contribution to training is very important and valuable not only for today but also for our future.’ In our company, which adopts the “People First” philosophy, one of the most important issues in line with these words is investing in people. With the inspiration we draw from this, we have once again certified our investments in personal development and humans with the support of our strategic business partners. In this way, lets use all the opportunities for training and shape our future together."

Şankaya expressed that they served for a far more important purpose than increasing productivity and profitability, when putting this academy into practice and continued as follows: "With Yeşim Academy, we want to create a society composed of individuals, who are happy and productive, by supporting professional development and personal development of our employees. Thus, as Yeşim Textile, we will do our share for the future of our country.