An innovative product from Yeşim


Yeşim Textile, which positions itself as a global company in textile sector, manufactures for World famous brands in home textile and ready-to wear with its technology, quality human resource, Professional management arguments and studies conducted in the field of sustainability has added a new one to its innovative Works.


Yeşim Textile, which constantly renews itself in line with the demands of its customers and closely follows the trends in the sector, finally made a difference with its bed set production for home textile customer Karaca Home. In general, bedding made of woven fabric was made by Yeşim Textile, knitted and made of combed cotton fabric and presented to the taste of consumers.


Nano fiber was used in quilt in these bedding sets whose production and design belongs to Yeşim Textile which provides ease of use. The light, soft and washable quilts can also be used as bedspreads. These quilts which are preferred by consumers especially in teen and child rooms has printing design and embroidery design on front face so that there is no need to use bedclothes with quilt.


Drawing attention to its practical use and offered to consumers at Karaca Home stores, these bedding sets attract attention with their designs and colors in different sizes. These products attracted huge attention on 21-24 September at the Zuchex Home Furnishings and Lifestyle Fair in Istanbul, the products were presented to consumers with the name "Cotton Comfort" with the slogan "Its Comfort Will Wrap Everyone" on the stand of Karaca Home.


Since the beginning of 2000, Yeşim has been producing nano technological fabrics as R&D and it is among the first producers of incombustible, water-resistant, iron-free and sweaty-free smart fabrics which are the most important trend in textile sector in recent years. At the same time the company has two brands, with the names of Yeşim Organic and Yeşim Recycle.