Yeşim Kindergarten was in the USA news

Working tirelessly to increase employment and empowerment of women for many years, Yeşim Textile’s free-of-charge daycare center for employees, Yeşim Kindergarten, was made the news in the USA. Pınar Ersoy, who has worked for newspapers such as Cumhuriyet and Milliyet, and who is currently a freelance journalist, wrote a news article with a research grant she was awarded by the New America think tank, and it was broadcasted by one of the leading news radios in the USA, by PRI radio. On the PRI news report, which reaches 19 million listeners, the reasons behind the low numbers of women workers in Turkey and the positive role of Yeşim Textile‘s 29 years-old day care center’s impact on employment of women were discussed. The news was also shared on the radio’s website accompanied with images from the daycare center.

The report started out by describing the general conditions of the women in the workplace in Turkey, and then continued by pointing out the fact that two-thirds of women are not involved in the business world. It was started that the reason that women are not active in the Turkish business world is not because of a lack of education or the conservatism of the society in general, but it is due to an increase in housework and caretaking responsibilities, especially after marriage. 

Despite these indicators, Yesim Textile’s example as an international role model with a company daycare center, providing excellent corporate service in the fourth largest and the leading industrial city of Bursa in Turkey was lauded.

The report also mentioned that Yeşim Kindergarten was included as the best example in the guide for companies that pledged to follow the Women’s Empowerment Principles, which is an undertaking of UN Women and UN Global Compact together. It was also noted that in January, representatives of Better Work, which is an NGO working with International Labor Organization to improve worker conditions, visited Yeşim to study how to implement a similar child care center in Ürdün. Fatma Yıldız, Melek Köseer, Fatma Uzan, who bring their children to the Yeşim Kindergarten daily, were interviewed and the impact that the free daycare services have on their lives and how it empowers them in the workplace was emphasized in the report.

Having celebrated its 29th year and with more than a thousand graduates, Yeşim Kindergarten was proud to hold a ceremony for its 30 graduates and awarding them with their diplomas this year. The little ones prepared an end-of-the-year show in the daycare’s cafeteria with their teachers and were applauded enthusiastically for their performance by their parents and teachers.

Yeşim Kindergarten is a modern facility that serves Yeşim employees’ children between the ages of 0-6 free of charge and currently has 250 children attending daycare. The education is equivalent to that provided by private childcare centers and children’s personal and social developments are prioritized. In this way, various social activities are held monthly with the goal of children having fun and playing as well as learning. 

Yesim Kindergarten has an excellent 22-person team comprised of 11 teachers, 8 caretakers, 2 shift supervisors, and a general director with education certificates. The kindergarten is open between 07:00-23:00, 6 days of the week, and in accordance with the Daycare Regulations, fathers, as well as mothers are welcome to bring their children.