Yeşim Textile has told its inspiring story

SÜR 2017 Conference brought the stories of the representatives from art, business and sports world which inspire on sustainability together in cooperation with TÜSİAD, Global Compact Turkey and Özyeğin University. Yeşim Textile was one of the five companies to talk about its sustainability story in the conference, which took place in Haliç Convention Center on the 23rd of May.

In the first part of the conference, Yeşim Textile Cutting Operator Emine Yazbahar and Yeşim Textile Corporate Communication Expert Meral Aydın Yıldırım gave a speech named “1+1 is bigger than 2”, Arçelik Environment Manager Özge Erturan’s speech was “Don’t throw away, Recycle” nature sportsman Hakan Özge and rock climber Zorbey Aktuyun gave the speech called “On Track of Nature”.

In the second part of the conference which started with the performances of the artists “Doğa İçin Çal”, Yaşar Holding’s Carbon Leader Celal Şahin told the story named “A Road Story” and Anadolu Efes Purchasing Manager Elif Deniz Sönmez told “On Track of Old Times”.

Yeşim Textile took place in the conference with the project held together with Uludağ Soroptimist Club since 2013. Yeşim Textile Corporate Communication Expert Meral Aydın Yıldırım who enforces “The World of Butterfly” project and Cutting Operator Emine Yazbahar who benefited from the activities of this project” joined the conference as speakers.

Indicating that textile is a sector with a high women labor, ‘Yeşim Textile has been working to increase the women employment for many years. There has been a kindergarten since 1987 active in the factory. The children of the workers benefit from the kindergarten which now has 200 children for free.” said Yeşim Textile Corporate Communication Expert Meral Aydın Yıldırım. Yıldırım also expressed her thoughts on “The World of Butterfly” project with these words: “It is not enough to keep the women in business life. You also need to work to make her more powerful. Because the roles that the society puts on women make put her a distance from the working life and social life. We collected every activity we did to make women powerful under the same roof with the project “The World of Butterfly”. We brought the project to life with Uludağ Soroptimist Club which also works for increasing the social status of the women and girls. Within the scope of the project, we gave trainings to thousands of women on medicine, law, rights and personal development in 4 years. We also supported these trainings with voluntary counsellings that our women workers can ask for support one by one.”

Yeşim Textile Cutting Operator Emine Yazbahar told in the conference that her both two kids were taken to the kindergarten in the factory starting from their 3,5 months. “I felt that I owed to my kids because I had to wake them early, I felt sorry because I was not there with them. But I also had to work at the same time. Whereas I was thinking that I was violating their rights, I actually was gaining them rights. My kids learned how to be responsible, tidy, self-expressive people with the education that they received in the kindergarten.” She said. Yazbahar used these words to tell how she benefited from the project “The World of Butterfly”: “I had the trainings about children development and family communication. I had more conscious relationships with my kids. My self confidence developed. The trainings even changed how I speak at home. I started being more consicous in every aspect in my life.”