Yeşim''s sustainability journey

Yeşim Textile shared with public its 8th report about social compliance and social responsibility works in the scope of Global Compact by publishing at the web site of United Nations in the recent days.

At the report which was prepared in both Turkish and English, Yeşim Textile shared efforts on the issues of human rights, employee standards, environment, struggle against corruption and social responsibility works in the scope of the international agreement. The introduction of the report presents the views and ideas of Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim Textile, on the issue. The report also published simultaneously on the web page of Yeşim Textile.

Yeşim Tekstil CEO Şenol Şankaya stated that they gave great importance to social compliance and sustainability studies and that they have been reporting their studies on this issue for a long time. Şankaya also said the following on the matter: “Our company, the first apparel company in Turkey to sign the United Nations Global Compact Principles in 2006, has continued to work on this matter without break since then. While publishing our 8th report this year, we experience the job of being one of the leading companies in this regard. In this formation of which we are a signatory, we have also been part of the Global Compact Turkey Executive Board since 2014. With our re-election to the executive board in 2016, we also undertook another task that we greatly value. We have not started to carry out the systematic work that we have carried out for many years for the empowerment of women under Global Compact. Unlike previous years, this year we have strengthened our leadership role in Turkey in this field. We began to execute the task of co-chair of the Women’s Empowerment Working Group established under the Global Compact Turkey Network. Thus we began to provide leadership to work carried out on this matter not only at our company and immediate surroundings, but throughout Turkey.

In addition, with the coordination of Yeşim Textile, in November 2016 the Women’s Empowerment Bursa Platform was established with the cooperation of BUSIAD (Bursa Industry and Business Association) and BUIKAD (Bursa Business Women and Administrators Association). The platform aims to bring work carried out for gender equality and women’s empowerment in the world and Turkey to Bursa. By undertaking an active role in this platform, we are working on Bursa becoming one of the women-friendly provinces.”

Şankaya also said that Yeşim Textile always continues to give importance to sustainability issues and in his speech and continued as follows: “Yeşim Textile, adopting sustainability as a corporate culture, has also continued to fulfil its responsibilities towards nature. Our company, which has carried out work for many years in order to reduce energy consumption and ensure the supple of energy, earned the right to one of the most important commitments of sustainable energy management in Turkey, the ISO 500001 Energy Management System certificate in 2016.”

Yeşim Textile promised to comply with the principles of the international agreement on the issues of  human rights, employee standards, environment and struggle against corruption by signing Global Compact in 2006. Also, Yeşim Textile plays an important role in disseminating its activities in Turkey by taking place in the Turkish Management Board of Global Compact since March of 2014.