Yeşim''s kindergarten was chosen as the best example

Fostering efforts for increasing employment of women and empowerment of women as an essential part of its corporate culture, Yeşim Textile joined the “Women’s Empowerment Principles”, a collaborative effort between UN Women and Global Compact Turkey, in 2015. Global Compact Turkey’s Women’s Empowerment Group, co-chaired by Eczacıbaşı Holding and Yeşim Textile leads numerous activities in empowerment of women. One of these activities is to prepare Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Implementation Guide to offer guidance to signatory enterprises in their work towards promoting participation of women in economic life and gender equality in business life. 


This guide, completed in two years, with contribution of Yeşim Textile, was recently launched to the public. Yeşim’s kindergarten, celebrating its 29th anniversary of foundation this year, was designated as one of the best examples of activities carried out by private sector enterprises for empowerment of women in this guide. The guide includes information on Yeşim’s kindergarten, currently serving to 250 children.  


The WEPs platform implemented by the United Nations on a global scale aims at empowerment of women to ensure participation of women in economic life at all levels in all sectors. With more than 1200 signatories from around the world, the WEPs have 150 signatories from Turkey as of February 2017. Turkey is the second country in the world behind Japan, with the highest number of WEPs signatories.