Sustainable Step in Energy

Yeşim Textile, which embraces sustainability as a corporate culture, continues to fulfill its responsibilities towards nature. Yeşim Textile, has been working for many years in order to decrease energy consumption and ensure continuity of energy supply, has been entitled to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificate. It is estimated that if the broad implementation of standard is possible including national and international sectors it could affect up to 60% of world energy usage.

The aim of ISO 50001 certificate is to establish an energy management system preventing energy waste by forming a framework for energy management of industry plants especially which has surplus energy production. This certificate is given to companies at the end of certain inspections. Yeşim Textile has been entitled to this certificate with inspections carried out in November. With its ISO 50001 certificate Yeşim Textile proved once again that it is sensitive to environment and acted with social responsibility consciousness.

Yeşim Textile will pass an inspection every year for the document which has validity for three years. In accordance with the standards of ISO 50001, Yeşim has started to work to improve the current energy management system in order to reduce energy consumption and reduce energy costs in the forthcoming period.

What is ISO 50001: 2011?
Nowadays, each passing day energy matters greater, ISO 50001 Energy Management System, which is based on the principle of efficient use of energy, is an energy management system that can be applied to all small and big businesses in every sector and can be carried out by itself as well as other management systems. The ISO 50001 Energy Management System is based on the principles of establishing energy policies of companies, managing the energy consumption with the aim of their targets and making improvements by evaluating the performance of the energy management system.