Business World Collaborates “For Gender Equality”

Under the coordinatorship of Yeşim Textile, organized with co-operation of BUSİAD (Bursa Industry and Business Association) and BUİKAD (Bursa Business Women and Administrators Association) Women’s Empowerment in Business Life Bursa Platform Meeting was held in House of BUSİAD. In the meeting, representatives of business world and non-governmental organizations were called about participation to common platform in order to collaborate for gender equality and women’s empowerment in business life.

Women’s Empowerment Bursa Platform meeting was constituted with the purpose of carrying studies related to gender equality and women’s empowerment in Turkey and in the World to Bursa was hosted by Bursa Industry and Business Association (BUSİAD). In the first meeting of platform, which aims to increase “Women- Friendly Firms” in Bursa and make Bursa pilot city in Turkey, informing about study methods and targets were carried out and road map which will be followed in progressive period was evaluated.

Yeşim Textile Corporate Communication Manager Dilek Cesur undertook the coordinatorship of project invited all Bursa firms to participate Women’s Empowerment Bursa Platform. Cesur told the aim of establishment of platform and targets in her speech, also gave information about UN Global Compact Turkey Women’s Empowerment Study Group and Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP). In the meeting Günal Baylan Chairman of BUSİAD and İpek Yalçın Chairman of BUİKAD shared data which shows the situation in Turkey and in the world about women employment in business world, and they collectively called for business world to cooperate about gender equality by saying ”if the women empowered, the society would empowered”.