Project "Equality at home and work" beginning

Yeşim Textile, which is one of the companies that employes a great number of women under one roof in Turkey, launches a new project called "Equality at home and work" project in order to provide gender equality at work place and develop a work culture which intolerates violence against women.


Yeşim Textile which has been chosen as one of the 17 pilot companies in Turkey aims to raise an  awareness among its employees about the issue with its "Equality at home and work" project prepared by Sabancı University Administration Forum with the cooperation of Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association and the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) with the support of Sabancı Foundation for "Workplace Policies Development and Application Guide Related to Domestic Violence aganist women".


Two representatives of Yeşim Textile attended with others from 17 companies in Turkey the seminars given by Sabancı University Institutional Administrative Forum about "the concept of gender equality", "types of violence", "legal framework" and " training skills". Within the scope of "Equality at home and work" all of the employees will be trained in accordance with these trainings about gender equality. Besides to give directions to these studies, also a commitee was constituted called as "Gender Equality Commitee" in which manavers and representatives of union within the company. It is aimed to constitute a system which will direct the units to give psychologic and legal support to employees who are exposed to violence at home or work place in the studies of this commitee's leadership. Within all these studies Yeşim Textile will cooperate with Mor Salkım Women's Solidarity Association especially for women who are exposed to violence.


Yeşim Textile organized an event on 4 th October to sign a protocol about this cooperation and inaugurate "Equality at home and and work" project. Selim Şenkaya the chairman of Gender Equality Comitee, the members of comitee as well as the executive managers and employees and the members of Mor Salkım Women's Solidarity Assosiation attended the opening meeting of the project. Starting with the speeches of the representatives of Yeşim Textile and Mor Salkım Women's Solidarity Association, the programme continued with the signature ceremony in the company's showrooms and the coctail party.