Mothers of TEGV received their certificates

Uludag Soroptimist Club and Women’s and Children’s Club of Yeşim Textile, one of the companies employing most female workers under a single roof in Turkey, have been leading the project ‘The World of the Butterfly’ since 2013 in order to raise awareness on specific issues of female employees of Yeşim as well as mothers who take their children to TEGV Bursa Education Unit. The project aims to raise awareness for all female staff of Yeşim Textile as well as mothers of TEGV on issues such as health, law, and family / personal development.

With the inclusion of TEGV in the project at the end of its second year in November 2015, apart from the ongoing trainings and consultancies for the female staff of Yeşim, a new 6-month long certificate program, called “Towards future with my child”, was initiated for mothers of TEGV.

Under this certification program, female professionals of Uludag Soroptimist Club and executives of Yeşim provide trainings on topics such as health, law, and family / personal development to mothers whose children are receiving education at TEGV Bursa Education Unit. These trainings are backed by one-on-one voluntary consultancy sessions. These trainings take place at the Hurriyet Unit of TEGV, after mothers drop off their children for events held in the facility. Thus, mothers get the opportunity to improve themselves while waiting for their children’s events to end. A total of 69 hours of free training has been given by 19 different speakers throughout the 6 month long program, followed by a certification ceremony where all participants received certificates.

Alongside the mothers, TEGV Bursa Education Unit Manager Selma Göksel Şahin, Yeşim Textile Corporate Communications Manager Dilek Cesur, Uludag Soroptimist Club Vice President Feyza Açıkgöz and member of Uludag Soroptimist Club were also present at the ceremony that took place at TEGV Bursa Education Unit on June 4th. The ceremony started with an exhibition consisting of posters of the actual trainings received within the context of the program “Towards future with my child”, continued with various speeches of project stakeholders, and ended with a cocktail where the food served was prepared by the mothers of TEGV themselves.