Yeşim Textile supports to sustainability

Yeşim Textile shared with public its last report about social compliance and social responsibility works in the scope of Global Compact by publishing at the web site of United Nations in the recent days.

At the report which was prepared in both Turkish and English, Yeşim Textile shared efforts on the issues of human rights, employee standards, environment, struggle against corruption and social responsibility works in the scope of the international agreement. The introduction of the report presents the views and ideas of Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim Textile, on the issue. This 7th report includes social compliance projects and the short and long term goals of Yeşim Textile. At the same time, the report is available on the website of Yeşim Textile.

Şankaya said the following on the matter: “Despite the problems in the sector up to now we have never stopped our works on social compliance and sustainability and we spent a great effort, time and budget to this issue. We share with the public our works in this regard by adding a new one every year. Finally in 2015, Yeşim Textile became the first and only Turkish company as it is awarded the certificate of OEKO-TEX STEP (Sustainable Textile Production) which is one of the most important commitments for sustainable production. It is an indicator of our achievement and commitment about this subject.”

Şankaya also said that:Yeşim Textile will continue to attach importance to sustainability as it has always done since the first day. We will continue to lead change in social compliance and social responsibility to this end. We are encouraged by the strength of thousands of employees, hundreds of suppliers and business partners who trust and support our efforts.”

Yeşim Textile promised to comply with the principles of the international agreement on the issues of  human rights, employee standards, environment and struggle against corruption by signing Global Compact in 2006. Also, Yeşim Textile plays an important role in disseminating its activities in Turkey by taking place in the Turkish Management Board of Global Compact since March of 2014.