Healthcare services by Yeşim Textile to its employees

Yeşim Textile launched a project jointly with Bursa Public Health Directorate Yıldırım District KETEM (Cancer Early Diagnosis – Screening and Training Center) to this end with a view to providing free of charge cancer screening services to its employees.


Under the project launched by the Human Resources Department of Yeşim Textile, female employees of Yeşim over 40 years of age were subjected to free of charge breast cancer, cervical cancer and bowel cancer screening.


Under this project which launched in 2015, a total of 360 Yeşim Textile employees benefited from these free of charge checks and screenings. 402 of 1037 female employees of Yeşim Textile are over the age of 40. Almost 90% of those female employees that are required to take cancer screening tests have taken these tests. No significant symptoms were found until now. However a few cases of early-stage cancer were diagnosed. Yeşim Textile doctors were informed about these cases to initiate the treatment process.       

Yeşim Textile has also organized an activity under The World of The Butterfly project during the Cancer Week between 1 – 7 April. In the chat session held at Yeşim Textile, General Surgeon and Oncological Surgeon Dr. Erol Aksaz demonstrated self-examination techniques, essential in preventing breast cancer, on a portable model. It was given the opportunity to try self-examination techniques on the model to the participants.