European Funds to the World of Butterfly

“The World of Butterfly" project which was initiated by Women and Children Club of Yeşim Textile, which is one of the largest employers of women personnel at a single facility, and Uludağ Soroptimist Club, with the aim of increasing awareness of the women of Yeşim about education, health and personal development, was selected for a grant of EURO 5 000 from the Soroptimist International Europe Action Fund. Since 2013 the project has made many successful events and during the last February Turkish Soroptimist Federation has selected the World of Butterfly Project, defining it as a sustainable project, which adds value to women’s lives and supports their development, and thus the World of Butterfly Project became the only project from Turkey to be submitted to the European fund.


The World of Butterfly Project became one of the 12 projects, including projects from Germany, France and Belgium, that received the grant from the Soroptimist International European Action Fund. With a grant of EURO 5 000 it has received the highest granted amount together with three other projects; the total amount granted to all projects was EURO 45 000. The grant will be used in visibility activities and events for increasing awareness of women in the scope of the ongoing the World of Butterfly Project.


“If women change, society will change”


In the scope of the World of Butterfly Project, which is initiated with the motto “If women change, society will change”, various events were carried out under three main headings, namely “Women and Health”, “Women and Law”, “Women and Family/Personal Development”, in order to increase awareness of women. Various trainings were organized in different topics ranging from the legal rights of women to correct usage of food. The trainings were also supported with various events within the company and also volunteer consultancy given by the members of Uludağ Soroptimist Club to the women of Yeşim.

There is a room in Yeşim Textile dedicated for women for the events of the World of Butterfly Project; women take part in the discussions and debates in this room and receive personal free consultancy from the members of the Uludağ Soroptimist Club related to various subjects.

In the project 35 different speakers have given a total of 66 hours training. 2.234 women participated in these free of charge trainings.

A total of 73 hours volunteer advisory services were given to women employees of Yeşim by various experts. 547 women have received these free of charge advisory services.

Also, 30 women have lost a total of 170 kg using free of charge services from a dietitian in the scope of the the Healthy Living campaign carried out in the scope of the project. An e-bulletin covering activities related to the project has been published in English and Turkish for ten times since the start of the project.

Yeşim Textile also received the “Best Private Company Prioritizing Women Employment” award in 2010 from BUİKAD (Bursa Business and Professional Women’s Association) for the activities it has carried out for women and gender equality. In 2014 May, Yeşim Textile was also selected as the second best company in a contest regarding “Developing Gender Equality in Professional Life” carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Employment General Directorate.


Soroptimists, which are volunteer global non-governmental organizations for women, aim to protect the basic rights of all people and especially women and girls based on equality with national and international activities, to raise the status of women via economic and social development and projects related to health and education of women with an ultimate goal of creating a peaceful and loving world. Also, the Uludağ Soroptimist Club which is associated with the Turkish Soroptimist Federation, is a non-governmental organization received the “Best Non-Governmental Organization Prioritizing Women Employment” award from BUİKAD in 2011.