Vision and Policies

Yeşim Tekstil"Never forget that your colleagues and employees are human beings just like yourself, and that it is your duty to treat them well". This paternal advice rang in the ears of Yesim Textile founder Sukru Sankaya when he first started in business, and remains at the heart of the company's "People First" vision, its corporate culture and all its policies.

Quality Policy

Human Resources Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Social Compliance Policy

Energy and Environment Policy

Gender Equality Policy


To establish an internationally recognized manufacturing brand known for top quality products and customer-centric, personalized, responsive service.


To be a pioneer in the textile sector, manufacturing top-quality products and making significant investments both in qualified people and the latest technology.
To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
To protect the environment and foster environmental consciousness among staff, suppliers and the public at large.
To fulfill our obligations to the community and always act in a socially responsible manner.
To set an example for other companies by always putting "People first".

Our Values

Yeşim Tekstil

• Achieve mutual&sustainable growth with our key customers and manufacturing partner.
• Set the international benchmark for corporate responsibility in textile manufacturing.
• Be an industry leader in innovation and implementing new technologies & processes.
• Evolve our supply chain providing transparency and trust for our customers.
• Process oriented quality management system.